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How do you get students to read in your class?

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Great question. Getting to students to read is multi-dimensional. Some will read becasue you've inspired them with something you said or a discussion that comes up in class. Others require reminders about the importance of reading. I make a point during each class to note what material we are covering and where it is located in the textbook. I also emphasize that reading should be a part of the learning process and that each student should determine whether reading ahead or reading after the class works best for them. I then teach as if the student has read (or will read) the textbook by adding a lot of new content beyond the book to the class lectures. Other students require even more encouragement. In my class Facebook group we sometimes answer questions by referring to the portion of the book that has the answer -- this encourages students to discover the answer. Finally, rewarding students who do read the book by including some of the problems/examples from the book empahsizes that there are direct benefits from reading.

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