Burt Bucks

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Raising Hope

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In this episode from season 4 of Raising Hope, Burt and Virginia introduce a new bartering system to Natesville. "Burt Bucks," as they call it, looks an awful lot like a pyramid scheme. People willingly trade their services and exchange Burt Bucks for other services in the early going but it does not take long for some services to become expensive. To complicate things, Burt decides to print more Burt Bucks whenever he wants to buy something. The extra Bucks introduced into the system soon ruins the existing value of Burt Bucks and the entire system breaks down. For those teaching macroeconomics, this episode represents a chance to talk about money creation, what makes a good currency, and hyperinflation. I highly recommend it!

Hat tips to Charity-Joy Acchiardo and Tim Bianco for the pointer.

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