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Jay Sean

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Jay Sean penned this song in 2009. He wanted to write a song that was uplifting in the midst of the economic downturn. He succeeded in producing a #1 hit in the process.

Play the song and ask your students if they can find any economics in the images or the lyrics. They will listen and watch intently. Many will notice the "communist" t-shirt Lil Wayne is wearing. Ask your students if they believe that Lil Wayne is really, “down like the economy.” Most will say no because they understand that Lil Wayne is a very successful rapper. Then ask them if they think Lil Wayne is really a communist. Most will say no. Many will know enough about Lil Wayne to know he is quite entrepreneurial. Note: He makes about $20M a year and his record label is Cash Money Records and this is shown on the wall near the end of the video. Fantastic discussion starter about economic systems.

Content derived from AEA 2013 Poster Session: "Staying Relevant: The Best Media for Teaching and Learning Economics in the Last Five Years," by G. Dirk Mateer and Kim Holder.

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