Plan for the Worst Case Scenario

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If something can go wrong it will

Over the years I have had class interrupted by false fire alarms, power outages, a man dressed as a chicken, various fraternity pranks, ice storms, blizzards, and 9/11. You never know when something unusual is about to happen. Expect the unexpected and be prepared.
Inside the classroom the projector bulb can fail (effectively killing your PowerPoint presentation), the audio can fail (killing a movie or song you want to play), the podium computer may not be working, or the Internet may be down.
How can you be prepared? Print out copies of your PowerPoints in advance, bring some extra material (or different examples) if the A/V equipment is not working and take screen captures of any Internet sites you want to surf. I also typically carry a laptop to class so that I have a second computer available. You never know.....
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